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Important Announcement: Deadline Extension and FAFSA Waiver for 2024 Applicants

In light of significant challenges with FAFSA this year, we are extending the scholarship deadline to May 15th. Additionally, for all 2024 applicants, we are waiving the requirement for a completed FAFSA form. If you are applying based on financial need, kindly submit details about your background in place of the FAFSA form.

From Classroom to Clinic.

The Dr. J Elmer Harp Medical Center, as a non-profit institution, is dedicated to fostering local medical talent by providing scholarships to students residing in the Middletown Valley geographic area, empowering and supporting the next generation of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals.

Celebrating a legacy

The Dr. J. Elmer Harp Medical Center is a community-driven initiative that honors the legacy of Dr. J. Elmer Harp, a dedicated Middletown doctor from 1926 to 1976.

Established to perpetuate his commitment to patient care, this medical center was born from the community’s desire to create a lasting tribute. Breaking ground in 1977, the center has evolved over the years with a succession of practitioners, reflecting a dedication to continued excellence in healthcare. Dr. Harp’s compassionate approach, for prioritizing care over financial gain, is immortalized in the memorial room containing his instruments, an examining couch, and his black satchel. Delve into the full story by selecting “Read More.”

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At a Glance

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Scholarship Impact Stories

“Green Valley International is undoubtedly the best School in NY for it’s commitment and responsibility towards students.”


Sophia Miller

Chief Editor, Monday Times

“What I am today is because of the Green Valley International School. The teachers are very helpful and committed towards students.”


Michael Morris

Mechanical Engineer, Alumni 2015

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